Deliciousness and Diversity : A discussion with Toni Tipton-Martin

The second in a series of conversations and workshops hosted by ZingTrain in which we bring you thought provoking presenter-partners to share their particular insights and perspectives on important aspects of business, leadership and entrepreneurship.


The SANDE Youth project is a 501c3 nonprofit food, nutrition, and cultural heritage program that is cooking up healthy futures for under-served young people through cultural enrichment, culinary activities, and community outreach.

Toni Tipton Martin’s decades of work as a culinary historian, journalist and food activist led her to define diversity in a way that resonates with how we explore issues of race and culture at Zingerman's - through food .

Toni says that a pie is nothing more (or less!) than a diversity of ingredients embraced by a crust.

Join Toni Tipton-Martin and Zingerman's co-founder Ari Weinzweig to taste through a diversity of pies from the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses – not only the delicious pies from Zingerman’s Bakehouse that we have all come to know and love or the pot-pies from Zingerman’s Deli that makes us look forward to January every year but also pies from San Street and Café Memmi, our incipient Asian street food and Tunisian food businesses.

We’ll follow up the food tasting with some equally delicious food for thought. Toni will tell stories that debunk the myth of African Americans limited to low paying kitchen jobs and instead will show you the vibrant history of black entrepreneurs in the food industry. Toni connects these past accomplishments of black cooks to modern concerns like time management, obesity, food injustice and poverty.

Join us. We’re certain you’ll leave with a belly full of delicious pie, a mind full of interesting thoughts about food and diversity (and how one can feed the other) and a heart full of hope for the future!

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