Leadership Development Workshop Series

ZingTrain’s Leadership Development Workshop Series is a collection of EIGHT 4-hour workshops featuring some of our most sought-after content. They are chock-full of insights and actionable and implementable content that will allow the leader in you to shine, no matter where you may find yourself on your professional or personal journey

Clients have been asking for a program to send their managers to for developing their leadership skills and this is the answer! From visioning a life of greatness to creating the culture you want for your business, implementing effective training that sets new hires up for success to getting equipped with a recipe for making a change in your business–we’ve got something for everyone. 

Attend the entire Series and save 20%! In addition to saving money, you'll become a member of the Spring 2020 Leadership Development Workshop Series Cohort, and receive:

  • significant $$$ savings
  • a 30-60 minute follow-up session after every workshop with one of ZingTrain's trainers, who will help you digest your learnings and create plans for action tailored to your business!
  • access to an intimate network of like-minded business professionals who can offer support and help you get past roadblocks as you apply your learnings in real-time.
  • some totally cool swag, because who doesn't love some good swag?
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