OCT 3 | The Opioid Epidemic: What It Is, What’s Being Done About It and How YOU Can Help

OCT 3 | The Opioid Epidemic: What It Is, What’s Being Done About It and How YOU Can Help

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October 3 | Chad Brummett
8:00 - 9:30AM at ZingTrain

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Every day, more than 115 people die as a result of using opioids (including prescription pain relievers, heroin, synthetic opioids) and that number is on the rise. It’s a crisis on the home-front and on the work-front, and has cost the United States ~$78.5 billion, between healthcare, lost productivity, addiction treatment and the involvement of the criminal justice system.*

How exactly did we get here? And what is being done to stop it? Chad Brummett, the Director of Pain Research and Director of Clinical Anesthesia Research at the University of Michigan, will walk us through it all and will even leave us with some tangible ways that we can help.


ABOUT Chad Brummett:

Dr. Brummett is an Associate Professor at the University of Michigan where he is the Director of Pain Research and the Director of Clinical Anesthesia Research.  Dr. Brummett is a co-lead of three major NIH grants studying pain concepts and a co-director of the Michigan Opioid Prescribing Engagement Network (Michigan OPEN, www.michigan-OPEN.org ).  In addition to developing a preventive approach to the opioid epidemic by tailoring opioid prescribing, Dr. Brummett and his team are working to remove excess opioids from Michigan communities by organizing statewide opioid recovery drives and creating opioid disposal strategies.


ABOUT the event:

Hosted at ZingTrain's training space at 3728 Plaza Drive (right across from Zingerman's Coffee Company.)

7:30 am - 8:00 am : Doors open for Registration, Coffee and Coffee Cake
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