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CHANGE: 5 Steps to Creating Effective Organizational Change

A recipe for creating lasting organizational change. Some people love change. Many do not. Pretty much everyone enjoys change more when they feel part of the change process. No matter which change camp you fall in - change is often challenging. Creating it. Having it "done to" you. Making it stick. Helping it work. Did we mention that change can be challenging? Since change is a constant in organizations, learning how to manage it effectively is a valuable tool. So at Zingerman's, we came up with a recipe for change - one that we regularly teach, practice, refine and reuse. We call it Bottom-Line Change®. We use Bottom-Line Change® to roll out ANY change in our organization - no matter how big or small. Whether we're moving the office printer or opening a new business, we've found that using the Bottom-Line Change® recipe makes it a lot less stressful for all involved, a lot more likely to stick and best of all, it gets everyone working together for success!

event takeaways

What You'll Learn

  • Learn the 5 Steps of our Bottom-Line Change® recipe, including the benefits of using it, and how to use it in your organization.
  • Get practice creating a Bottom-Line Change® for your business and get a clear path for moving it forward once you're home!
  • Develop a network of like-minded peers to call upon when roadblocks arise.
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Workshops run from 8AM - 12NOON. We'll have a light breakfast and plenty of coffee waiting for you from 7:30AM onwards.

Our training facility is located HERE - in the heart of Zingerman’s Southside campus, just a scone’s throw away from Zingerman’s Bakehouse, Zingerman's Candy Manufactory, Zingerman’s Coffee Company, and Zingerman’s Creamery. We don’t actually advocate throwing scones at them, but you can stop by to pick up lunch, a cappuccino, some peanut brittle or a half pound of fresh cream cheese after the workshop!

the trainers

The Trainers

June 10, 2020

Maggie Bayless

Katie Frank


CHANGE: 5 Steps to Creating Effective Organizational Change

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