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Compassionate Change

You know the old saying, "The only constant in life is change." And we've all been working through our fair share of it over the last year! As the changes continue to come our way, how can we infuse more compassion into how we lead in our lives?

Compassionate Change
The Details

Take mindful action!


Thursday, March 18th, 2021
10:00AM - 4:30PM ET

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Next month marks a full year since we’ve had to change a lot about how we live and work. We’ve been forced to pivot, pivot and pivot again, and as we continue to adapt to the changing needs of our customers and our organizations, two truths that have made themselves increasingly clear:

1) As uncomfortable as it can sometimes feel, change has been and will always be a part of life - and the intensity and pace of change is here to stay.

2) Compassion is a key component of effective leadership and the sustainability of healthy, agile organizations and their employees.

How do we lead compassionately through change? And how can we effectively make the changes necessary to move toward building more compassionate organizations and leaders?

Join us at Compassionate Change: Tools for Taking Mindful Action as we bring together some great minds to tackle these questions. With an exciting mixture of workshops, a keynote address and small group discussions, you’ll leave the day with inspiration aplenty and tools for infusing compassion into how you lead in your day-to-day life. You'll hear stories that inspire the head and heart and learn actionable tools to put your insights to use right away.

🌟 BONUS: We'll even send you a ZingTrain journal and some delicious Zingerman's treats to snack on while you learn! Register by March 10th to get your box of treats in time to snack on during the event!

Key Takeaways

What You'll Learn...

  • The importance of compassion in organizations and how it can be a competitive advantage that will fuel your team’s success.
  • How to use appreciative inquiry to harness the power of creativity in problem-solving.
  • How to implement and sustain effective change in your organization plus have the chance to practice.
  • How to take your vision of the future to the next level.
  • PLUS, you'll build connections and community with other leaders from around the world, eat good food and have a great Zingerman’s experience!

The Schedule...

subject to change • all times are in ET

9:30 AM

Virtual "Doors" Open, Optional Networking Time

10:00 AM

Welcome, Introductions & Overview

Kick-off: Timeless Tools for Leadership with Ari Weinzweig

Keynote: Awakening Compassion at Work with Monica C. Worline, Ph.D.

Reflection & Small-Group Discussion

Break for Lunch

Workshop: Appreciative Inquiry: A More Inclusive Approach to Problem Solving and Change with Toni Benner

Workshop: Bottom-Line Change®

Wrap Up & Debrief

4:30 PM


featured speakers

Featured Speakers

Monica C. Worline, Ph.D.


Awakening Compassion at Work

Suffering is part of the human experience, and it finds its way into how we live, at home and at work. While having important implications for our personal lives, suffering in the workplace can rob us of humanity, dignity, and motivation. Often silent and left unaddressed, suffering is a costly drain on organizational productivity and potential. /p>

What is the antidote to suffering? Compassion.

What role does compassion play in creating high-performing and highly-human workplaces? And how can organizations build greater capacity for compassion?

Explore these questions and more with one of the foremost researchers in the Management field. In this talk, Monica will draw from over two decades of research to make the case for compassion and will give guidance on how to bring it to life in your workplace. This work belongs on every organization’s strategic agenda because creating conditions that draw out our capacity for compassion at work confers measurable competitive advantages in areas like innovation, collaboration, service quality, talent attraction and retention, and adaptability.
In other words, how can your organization afford not to awaken compassion?

Learn more about Monica

Toni Benner


Appreciative Inquiry: A More Inclusive Approach to Problem Solving

For those of us outside of the process lingo-sphere, Appreciative Inquiry is a 5-step process that helps us move beyond traditional problem solving into strength-based transformational change and innovation. The model focuses on individuals, teams, organizations and communities co-constructing and unlocking endless possibilities, potential and creativity of the collective. Practicing appreciative inquiry generates transformative change at the speed of imagination rooted in story-telling, story-listening, shared values and positive organizational culture. In this session, Toni will introduce Appreciative Inquiry through exercises to get you primed on using this approach in your own work.

Learn more about Toni

Ari Weinzweig


Timeless Tools for Leadership

Ari will kick off the day by sharing his thoughts about working through hard times and the timeless tools we can put to work throughout the rest of our lives — both at work, at home, and in our own heads.

As the CEO of an organization and like every other leader in the food industry, Ari has had a trying 11 months. While helping the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses navigate the emotional and fiscal duress of the past year he has also been working with the Independent Restaurant Coalition to help struggling restaurants everywhere, all while keeping a very positive and calm sense about him.

So what has he learned?

“The practice of servant leadership is timeless. Collaboration is timeless. Vision is timeless. Humility is timeless. Energy management is timeless.” Hear Ari reflect on the lessons learned in the first ten months of the global pandemic.

Learn more about Ari

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Compassionate Change

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