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Master Class: The Organizational Ecosystem

Master Class: The Organizational Ecosystem
Key Takeaways

The Organizational Ecosystem 

Develop the skills and perspective to better lead in times of crisis. Build a robust toolkit of resources that you can call on for years to come to be the best leader you can be. And importantly, develop a network of peers to learn with and call on for help, each of whom is facing similar challenges and be reminded (and reassured) that you're not alone!

This five-week program is designed for organizational leaders who are looking to improve their skills and knowledge by working intensively with a small group of peers under the expert direction of two of the most progressive business leaders in the country. 

The course will run from the end of May through June and is built upon essays written by Zingerman's Co-Founder, Ari Weinzweig, on elements of the organizational ecosystem. However, the exact focus of the sessions will be adapted to address specific challenges of the participants, which is why we're keeping the class size small.


Who is this course designed for?

You! And anyone looking to really dig into what it means to be a great leader. But especially entrepreneurs, owners of small-to-medium-sized businesses, key leaders in organizations of any size, and future leaders looking to build their skills and knowledge. 


What is the format?

This course consists of five 2.5-hour virtual classroom sessions with Ari Weinzweig and Maggie Bayless (ZingTrain Founder), each with extensive pre-reading and preparation, online dialogue and conversation. Weekly pre-work will be sent to all participants a week before the next virtual classroom session.

Classroom sessions run from Noon - 2:30PM ET on Tuesday, May 30, June 6, 13, 20, and 27.


And of course we'll also be sending you some goodies!

In addition to access to the course and all of the online materials, we'll also be mailing you surprise Zingerman's treats to nourish your body AND mind - which is why we'll ask for your mailing address as well as your email address after registering.


The technical details:

Weekly classroom sessions will be conducted via Zoom, and between-session conversation and reading materials happens via email and GoogleDocs. Details on how to access all of these resources will be provided after registration.


Grab a seat while you can – we can't guarantee they'll last long!

Virtual Training

Master Class: The Organizational Ecosystem

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