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ZingPosium 2020: Spark the Conversation

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    Want to know the latest and greatest happenings in the Zingerman's Community? Consider this an interactive show-and-tell with passionate people and really good food.

    The theme of this year’s ZingPosium is Sparking the Conversation!

    It’s no secret that we’re living in a time with lots of opposing viewpoints – in the workplace, at home and in the broader political landscape. Although a desire to avoid difficult conversations is natural, the ability and energy(!) to view these potential friction points as opportunities for growth is a more productive way forward, don’t you think?

    We definitely think so. That’s why we’re exploring Sparking the Conversation at this year’s ZingPosium!

    We’re infusing some of our most popular training content with the great work that Zingerman’s Co-Founders, Managing Partners and staff are doing to effectively navigate differences in the workplace. We’ll also be inviting some of the most inspiring people we know from across the country to speak about the work they’re doing to bring people together and share their tips for how you can do the same. You’ll leave inspired and ready to put your insights into action.

    Space is limited to 50 people, all the better to build meaningful connections. Join us for an action-packed couple of days—full of learning, plenty of fun and networking galore fused together with really good food, of course!

    This year's featured Keynote Speakers:

    Claude Steele, featured Keynote Speaker at ZingPosium

    Claude Steele
    American Social Psychologist, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University


    Stereotype Threat and Identity Threat: 
    The Science of a Diverse Community

    Explore the psychological significance of community and its role in learning. Drawing on stereotype threat and social identity threat research, Claude will address the why, what and how of diverse learning communities. This keynote address’ practical aim is to identify features of diverse learning communities and organizational cultures that while good for all, are especially helpful for underrepresented groups. 

    In this session, discover:

    • How to welcome people into your organization in a way that gives them the cultural capital they need to succeed
    • The importance of getting all voices into the room; stronger, more successful businesses have diversity of viewpoints/opinions
    • What you can do to make it safe for everyone to speak up
    • Specific tools/ways to combat stereotype threat

     [See Claude's bio here]


    Sarah Brabbs Featured Keynote Speaker at ZingPosium 2020

    Sarah Brabbs

    Consultant, Speaker and Author


    Diffusing Tension & Finding Connection in Today's World

    In a world that seems to be growing increasingly hostile, learn how to successfully communicate with people who may set your teeth on edge. Are we direct, do we ignore, or do we engage? The answer is, it depends – and Sarah will share effective and appropriate ways to do all three. 

    The world we live in has always had hate as a part of the messy human experience. Learn how to effectively build connection and community, not just with those you find easy to get along with, but also with those you don’t.

    [See Sarah's bio here]   

    Ari Weinzweig Featured Keynote Speaker at ZingPosium 2020

    Ari Weinzweig

    Founding Partner and CEO, Zingerman’s

    Changing a Belief

    Since the release of "Zingerman's Guide to Good Leading", Part 4 The Power of Belief in Business, Ari has frequently fielded the question, "What do I do when I realize that I have an unproductive belief?” Though making the change may not be easy, the answer is simple: 

    Change your belief. It takes time and effort but it can be done. 

    In this session, Ari will answer that question with a practical, detailed 6-step recipe for changing an unproductive belief. As he writes, “If we change our beliefs, then the past no longer serves as a likely indicator of the future. In fact, the future can become exactly what we want it to be.” 

    [See Ari's bio here]


    Paul Saginaw Featured Keynote Speaker at ZingPosium 2020


    Paul Saginaw
    Founding Partner and Chief Spiritual Officer, Zingerman’s

    Diversity and Inclusion at Zingerman’s

    Paul will set the tone for ZingPosium by sharing his personal journey with diversity, inclusion and racism, and will talk about how those experiences informed his vision of  Zingerman's as a truly diverse, inclusive and anti-racist organization. Paul states, 

    "Equity and inclusiveness are difficult to achieve in an organization because they require undoing structures that are almost invisible and embedded in everything. That work takes a lot more effort and that’s what I want to lead and leave as a legacy for Zingerman’s."   

    In addition to our preferred future, Paul will share where he believes we stand today as an inclusive organization and what it took to get here. From the uncomfortable - and sometimes embarrassing - places we've been to the aspirational culture we hope to build.

    [See Paul's bio here]

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    DAY 1

    Thu, June 25
    5:00PM Shuttle available from hotels to Cornman Farms
    5:30PM Buses arrive at Cornman Farms
    Cocktails & small bites
    Opening Keynote: Paul Saginaw, Zingerman’s Founding Partner
    9:00PM Buses depart Cornman Farms to hotels

    DAY 2

    Fri, June 26
    8:30AM Breakfast available
    9:00AM Welcome, Framing, Overview, Introductions
    10:15AM Specialty Keynote: Claude Steele, Stanford University Professor of Psychology and Author
    11:30AM The American Dream Game, an interactive, life-sized bias awareness board game
    12:30PM Lunch
    1:30PM Specialty Keynote: Ari Weinzweig, Zingerman's Founding Partner
    2:45PM Interactive Workshop: Courageous Conversations
    4:15PM Wrap Up and Reflection
    4:30PM Adjourn
    6:00PM Dinner at Zingerman's Roadhouse

    DAY 3

    Sat, June 27
    8:30AM Breakfast available
    9:00AM Welcome, Reflections on Day 2
    9:30AM Interactive Workshop: Performance Feedback, featuring Zingerman's Mail Order
    10:45AM Specialty Keynote: Sarah Brabbs, Consultant, Coach and Author
    11:45AM Individual Action Planning
    12:00PM Final Reflection & Wrap Up
    12:00PM Lunch