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Intentional Leadership

Your Guide to Leading in 2023

A vibrant, one-day virtual conference filled with inspiring perspectives on leadership. Recenter for the new year and bring more intention to how you lead.

Intentional Leadership
The Details

Lead with purpose


Wednesday, December 7, 2022
10:00AM - 4:00PM ET

Work is inevitable, but we can be intentional about the kind of workplace we create.

As we wrap up another wild year, Intentional Leadership: Your Guide to Leading in 2023 is here to help you reground. A one-day virtual conference redefining what is most important in the world of work and what it means to be a leader.

We’ve brought together four dynamic and thoughtful voices to share how they bring intention to the workplace. To inspire you to bring your authentic self to work. To challenge the foundations of your work culture. To create better conditions for conversation. And to treat everyone - at every moment - with dignity.

With an energizing mix of keynote addresses, small group discussions, and personal reflection, - including time to draft a personal vision for the year ahead -  you’ll leave the day with new perspectives on leadership and new tools for infusing intentionality into your work and life.

Bonus! Every registration comes with a box of treats from Zingerman's arriving in time for the event. Because we're most comfortable if you're eating. (Please note: While we cannot ship internationally, we've got a special treat for you, too!)

What You'll Learn

      • The power of intentionality in branding and storytelling
      • Practical methods to evaluate and improve the culture of individuals, institutions, and communities
      • Researched strategies to strengthen the diversity, equity, and inclusion of culture
      • Parallels between being a great interviewer and a great leader
      • How to create the conditions for more intentional listening and communication
      • Zingerman's visioning process and the opportunity to draft one of your very own
      • Techniques to practice showing up to every interaction with dignity

Plus! You’ll build connections and community with other leaders from around the world.

The Schedule

subject to change • all times are in Eastern Time

9:30 AM

Virtual "Doors" Open, Optional Networking Time

10:00 AM

Welcome, Introductions & Overview

Keynote: Intentionally Bold
with Vanessa Pham

Keynote: Shaping a More Inclusive Culture
with Dr. Robert Sellers

Small-Group Discussion

12:30 PM

Break for Lunch

Interview: Leadership Through Listening
with Francis Lam

Workshop: Creating a Vision of Greatness
with ZingTrain

Keynote: The Revolution of Dignity in the Workplace
with Ari Weinzweig

 Wrap Up & Debrief

4:00 PM


the line up

Featured Speakers

Vanessa Pham

Co-founder & CEO, Omsom

Intentionally Bold

The story of Omsom is one of family, heritage, pushing stereotypes out the window, and being unabashedly authentic. A company just over two years old that grew out of a pandemic and shook up home kitchens with bold flavors, marketing, and a strong sense of self. Be inspired to own your culture through the intention and success of Omsom owning theirs.

Learn more about Omsom

About Vanessa: Vanessa is the CEO and co-founder of Omsom, the daughter of Vietnamese refugees, and a Bain & Company and Harvard alum. At Bain & Company, she advised Fortune 500 CPGs on their growth and retail strategy as a management consultant. Outside of Omsom, Vanessa speaks on entrepreneurship and heart-forward leadership at organizations like General Mills and Pepsi, mentors BIPOC founders, and finds joy in cooking all things fermented, caramelized, and braised. She has been recognized as Forbes 30 Under 30 and Create & Cultivate 100.

Learn more about Vanessa

Dr. Robert Sellers

Charles D. Moody Collegiate Professor of Psychology and Education at the University of Michigan

Shaping a More Inclusive Culture

How do you evaluate culture? How do you shape and sustain cultural change? Organizational culture exists whether or not we are intentional about it. As an academic and practitioner, Dr. Robert Sellers brings over two decades of experience researching and shaping the culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in communities, institutions, and individuals. He has put high-level concepts into practice both within Michigan public schools and as the University of Michigan’s first DEI Officer. Dr. Sellers will help you break down organizational culture and then build it back up with researched methods to make it stronger, more intentional, and more inclusive.

Learn more about Dr. Sellers

Francis Lam

Host of The Splendid Table and Editor-in-Chief at Clarkson Potter

Leadership through Listening

As an award-winning journalist, radio host, and cookbook editor, Francis Lam excels at communicating, and he does so through the art of listening. By giving voice to stories of American cuisine that have gone unheard, he's established himself as a leader in the food world. There is a lot of quiet intentionality baked into his work of engaging people to share their stories.

During our time together, Francis will be in his most natural habit - the interview - with ZingTrain trainer, Arianna Tellez Leon exploring how his role as storyteller influences his leadership as both a cultural voice and a team leader. Through his natural curiosity and approach to interviewing, you'll gain thoughtful insights on how to better listen and be in conversation with your team.

Learn more about Francis


Creating a Personal Vision of Greatness

Every great achievement starts with a vision - a vision of what it looks like when that achievement has been realized. For some, it takes the form of a visual vision board, for others, it’s a mental picture that is crystal clear. For us, a vision is a documented, inspiring picture of success at a particular point in time, written with enough richness of detail that we can not only picture it coming to fruition, we can share that vision and bring others along with us. Visions can be for anything - for yourself as a leader, for your family, for a vacation, for your business. In this workshop, ZingTrain will share Zingerman’s time-tested recipe for creating a vision of greatness, and give you a chance to write the first draft of your own vision of success!

Learn more about ZingTrain


Ari Weinzweig

Co-Founding Partner & CEO, Zingerman's Community of Businesses

The Revolution of Dignity in the Workplace

Dignity has been embedded in many Zingerman’s business practices for decades. When we get into the practice of taking a beat to remind ourselves that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity, a lot of good things start to happen. We begin to have more positive beliefs about others, because we are considering their inherent worth and perspective. We show up to work differently. We act kinder during moments of conflict, and we weave more compassionate narratives about our colleagues and the work we do together.

Hear Ari’s current thinking on dignity as an act of inclusion, and how we as leaders (and humans) can intentionally bring more dignity to every interaction.

Learn more about Ari

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Intentional Leadership

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