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Open Seminar Seat

We designed our Open Seminar Seat product to give you flexibility while shopping for ZingTrain seminars. Maybe you have money to spend on training, but don’t yet know which seminar(s) are best for you and your schedule. Maybe you are purchasing a couple of seats in another seminar and want to bundle them with Open Seat(s) to take advantage of our multi-seat discount pricing. Whatever the reason, we’re here for it!

Open Seminar Seat

How It Works

      • Purchase Open Seminar Seat(s) and apply them to whatever ZingTrain seminar, whenever, for whoever
      • Buy Open Seat(s) alone if you are undecided on an exact seminar, but ready to invest in training
      • Buy Open Seat(s) alongside other seminar seats if you'd like to take advantage of our multi-seat discount pricing. Our discounts kick in when you purchase 3+ seminar seats
      • Simply reach out to us when you're ready to apply Open Seat(s) to a specific seminar - or reach out for help deciding which seminar is best for you!

Special Note: Our Open Seminar Seat price does not account for our Zingerman's Experience seminar or ZingPosium, which both have a slightly higher price tag. If you decide to apply your open seat(s) to them, we'll send an invoice your way for the difference.
In-Person Seminar

Open Seminar Seat

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Special Deals:
Buy any 2 seats, get 25% off the 3rd seat
Buy any 3 seats, get 50% off the 4th seat
Buy any 4 seats, get the 5th seat free!
Or, bundle with seminar seats to qualify

refund policy

ZingTrain Cancellation Policy: We know things happen, and sometimes at the last minute… That’s why our refund policy has a lot of mutual trust and respect baked into the cake. If you need to modify or cancel your registration for any of ZingTrain’s in-person seminars/workshops or virtual trainings, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible and we’ll work something out. We’d be happy to talk you through alternate options or offer you a refund. Please email us at or give us a call at (734) 930-1919. Unused credits will expire after 5 years.