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Systems for Supporting Staff

When it comes to keeping your employees engaged and thriving while doing work that benefits your organization's bottom line(s) and culture, there's a lot to consider… How do I hire the most qualified people? What training will effectively (and quickly) set my employees and the business up for success? When an employee leaves the organization, how can I ensure that both they and the business can thrive moving forward? This seminar is perfect for anyone who manages people, and loves tools to help them succeed!

Systems for Supporting Staff
Key Takeaways

What You'll Learn...

  • Discover tools and techniques to improve the staff experience in your organization. Keep your employees engaged and thriving while doing work that benefits your organization’s bottom lines and culture.
  • Explore and get inspired by Zingerman's approach to building a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and personal responsibility, balanced by the need for legal compliance.
  • Hire the most qualified people for your business and help them succeed through great training, effective performance management, handling conflict well, and so much more!
  • Develop a network of peers to call upon for support, to share in successes and get past roadblocks. Laugh out loud, have a-ha moments and realize that lots of well-meaning and well-run organizations face the challenges you do.
  • Tour Zingerman’s Deli and Zingerman’s Bakehouse for a behind-the-scenes peek of how we do things here.
  • Eat delicious breakfasts, lunches, snacks and treats made especially for you by several Zingerman’s businesses. Attendees rarely leave hungry...

At this event...

Day One

8:00 AM
Breakfast Available

Welcome, Introductions, Overview
Zingerman's History and Vision
The Employment Lifecycle
Stage One: Hiring the Most Qualified People
Sourcing Candidates
Interviewing and Hiring


1:00 PM
Stage Two: Helping Staff Succeed
Importance of Documented Expectations
Providing Effective Feedback
Role Plays

4:00 PM

4:30 PM
Tour of Zingerman's Deli (optional)

Day Two

7:30 AM
Tour of Zingerman's Bakehouse (optional)

8:00 AM
Breakfast Available

8:30 AM
Welcome back, Overview, Debrief Day 1
Creative Tension: Compliance vs. Culture
Diversity & Inclusion at Zingerman's
Effective Performance Reviews
Solving Performance Problems & Handling Conflict
Stage Three: Assisting Departing Staff
Terminations & Exit Interviews
Alumni Network


1:00 PM
Open Forum (Q&A with staff panel)
Bottom-Line Change®
Final Reflection, Debrief, Evaluations

4:00 PM

“I’m always so impressed with the realistic, digestible approach to breaking down the critical information and making it actionable!"


Systems for Supporting Staff

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