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"Over the last couple weeks, I’ve written a lot about the importance of bringing love into our leadership lives and daily work. As I continue to do more with the organizational ecosystem model (email me if you want the drawing), I’ve been thinking a lot about purpose. In the metaphorical model that I wrote about first in the Introduction to Part 4, beliefs are roots, culture is the soil, hope is the sun. Purpose, I decided, is akin to air.

Why? I was reading a piece by Rebecca Solnit and I saw something that clicked. The question was: “What goes uphill faster than it goes downhill?” I had no idea. The answer was air. Aka, wind. The metaphor was immediately obvious—when we have purpose, we will tackle tough tasks with ten times the commitment and energy of someone who’s engaged in work they don’t care about. Purpose, I’ve come to believe, is essential to having a fully human existence." - Ari Weinzweig

Each pamphlet is printed on sustainable paper, saddle stitched, and includes a hand-laid scratchboard illustration.

This bundle includes:

Secret #5: Building a Better Mission Statement

Secret #35: The Power of Personal Visioning

Secret #40: The Power of Beliefs in Business

Bottom-Line Change: Zingerman's Recipe for Effective Organizational Change 

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